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2011-07-16 02:24 am
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Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves. You have to chose and tag 10 people. Go to their blogs and tell them that you have tagged them. Oh yeah.. No tag backs
!: i’m allergic to the sun rays

2. i pretty much met/had a rad Jarvis cocker experience

3.i love baby food

4.i was a teen in the 90’s AND in Seattle so was super grunged out

5.im super sensitive

6.i have many addictions

7.i suffer from chronic panic disorder and depression

8.i have two books published and one CD

9. im a music journalist

10.the love of my life killed himself on my birthday 11 years ago.

i tag everyone!!
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2011-07-16 02:28 am

sleep don'y come easy....

Insomnia yet again...help?
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2011-07-16 02:38 am
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for Morrison s 40th anniversary

Posted protected on 2011.07.03 at 12:02
Was it his demise or birth
buried or on earth
that inspired the creators
drug riddled masterbator's
wings made of claws
hand formed into paws
intense genius master
rock n roll disaster
worshiped from afar
dead in a bath raised in a bar
back door clown man
delicate ginger fawn fan
voice of ribbon lace
fallen angel far from grace
no fear for death
welcomes the unknown with each breath
perversion on stage
backstage and under age
the legend came forth in mere years
indians dancing stoned imported beers
so tonight we say cheers!