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Birthdate:Aug 1, 1977
Location:seattle, Washington, United States of America

-- ☠ ---- ☠ ---(•̪●)--- ☠--- ☠-

☠ ♥ ♪
im pretty raw,intensely full of imagination,a self proclaimed "woman-child",avid reader and full of love and realism with a bit O' surrealism in there as well...

im perfectly flawed..
poet/recording artist/music and film Journalist/Assistant Poetry Editor

Interests (128):

abandonment, acceptance, acting, addictions, agoraphobia, anti-religion, anxiety, appearance, art, avoiding sunlight, beauty, being alone, benzodiazepines, blur, body image, books, borderline personality disorder, brian molko, british accents, britpop, buddhism, cafes, caffeine, counter culture, creativity, dexter, diy, drug culture, drug movies, experimental, fat girl fashion, fatansy, flaws, freaks, gay rights, glam rock, glasses, glitter, harry potter, highly sensitive person, horror films, humor, icons, indie, indie films, indie rock, insomniacs, inspiration, interviewing, jarvis cocker, kissing, lead singers, libertines, live gigs, london, loss, lyrics, magazines, magic, make-up, manic street preachers, memoirs, mental illness, midnight, mix tapes, morbid humor, movies, music, music projects, noel fielding, nostalgia, obsession, opiates, pale skin, panic attacks, peace, pete doherty, phobia, photography, pills, placebo, poetry, pop culture, pulp, reading, record stores, red lipstick, requiem for a dream, richey edwards, rimbaud, rock & roll, rpgs, russell brand, russell senior, seattle, self harm, serial killers, sex, shoegaze, singing, skinny boys, sophie dahl, staying up all night, steve mackey, street musicians, suicide survivors, synthpop, the doors, the factory, the london suede, the mighty boosh, thrift stores, thrifting, tim burton, trainspotting, trueblood, urban legends, vampire romance, velvet goldmine, velvet underground, vinyl records, weight issues, weirdness, words, writing, writing poetry, ziggy stardust, zines

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